One of the most common questions that families ask when looking into home health care for their loved ones is, “How do I know how much care is needed?” The level of care that one person needs varies from the next and will depend on different factors.

Some of these factors include any medical conditions they might have, how badly they struggle with mobility, and whether family members provide some level of care or not. These are some questions to ask yourself when trying to determine how much care your elderly relative might need.

What Is Their Condition?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is what kind of condition your relative is in. For some people, it’s a matter of hiring help to complete simple tasks around the home or assist with transportation to and from doctor’s offices and other places. However, some aging individuals need more extensive care because they’re not in the best condition and suffer from multiple illnesses.

Can They Still Get Around?

It’s equally important to consider your loved one’s mobility. What is their mobility like? Are they capable of getting around, or do they struggle with walking? For example, if your loved one relies on a mobility chair to climb the staircase and can’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time, they may need more care than someone who can still move around a bit better than that. The reason people with mobility issues often need more care is due to the risk of falls and the injuries associated with them.

Are Basic Tasks Becoming More Challenging?

Some aging individuals start having difficulty completing basic tasks that once came naturally to them, such as bathing, brushing their hair, putting on their shoes, or even making themselves food. If these tasks become much more complicated, they’ll likely need more home care than someone who can still complete these tasks. The good news is that home care professionals can help with bathing, hygiene, and making meals.

When determining the exact level of care that your aging loved one will need, ask yourself these questions. The less your elderly relative can do for themselves, the more help they’ll need. You should also consider the amount of time you and other relatives can dedicate to helping. Because everyone may have their own hectic lives with work and raising children, it’s possible to rely on experienced caretakers to handle most or all of the care needed.

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