As seniors begin recovering from a surgery or illness, there are a few options they have for where to recover. While there may be reasons for recovering in a rehab facility, there are many benefits to choosing to recover at home instead.

Perks of Recovering at Home

While there are times when it’s best for a senior to recover in a rehab facility, most scenarios allow them to recover at home just fine. In fact, seniors who receive their recovery care at home recover just as well as those in rehab facilities and sometimes even better!

The key is making sure their recovery treatment follows the suggested plan from their doctors. When they do, there are many benefits to being home. Some benefits include:

  • Less chance of infections and other illnesses.
  • Less likely to experience delirium, which is most common in senior hospital patients.
  • Added physical comfort of being home.
  • The ability to feel independent can help boost mental health.
  • The added simplicity of visits from friends and family during recovery.

Another large perk of recovering at home is that those who receive in-home recovery treatment are much less likely to be re-hospitalized. This means they are more likely to have a simple recovery experience than those who can’t recover in their home.

When At-Home Recovery Isn’t the Best Idea

As mentioned, at-home care can be an excellent choice for many seniors. However, there are certain conditions where it’s best to listen to the advice of recovering in a rehab facility, at least at first. Some of these conditions include:

  • Complicated surgery
  • Lack of help at home from family or friends
  • A home that doesn’t allow for limited mobility
  • Infections or complications with surgery incision
  • Other medical conditions that can complicate recoveries such as diabetes, lung issues, or heart disease.

It’s important to remember that there’s nothing wrong with needing to recover in a rehab facility in the beginning. However, if there aren’t external concerns for your recovery, consider at-home recovery instead!


There’s a time and place for both in-home and rehab facility recovery from surgery or illness in seniors. Make sure to discuss your options with your medical team in the hospital to see which option is best for you. When possible, choosing at-home treatment can provide added comfort and ease of recovery for many seniors! Whichever option you choose, make sure you have a team that is skilled and dedicated to your recovery!