If you have a loved one who is steadily approaching the point of needing someone to assist them on a daily basis, you have several important questions to ask yourself. You have several options for their living situation, and it’s important to help them maintain a positive mindset and sense of independence.

Many people feel they must decide between in-home care and utilizing caregivers or placement in a senior living facility. However, the most important way to approach the situation may not be to compare and contrast the two.

Using Home Care as a Way to Prolong Senior Living Facilities

Unfortunately, many people weighing these types of options look at using in-home care as an option when they can’t afford senior living facilities. They also have questions regarding the quality of services.

However, they’re approaching the situation with the wrong information. The quality of in-home care can be just as good, if not better, than those of an assisted living facility.

Think about the question of quality from a logical standpoint. What would you rather have for your loved one?

  • One-on-one care from someone they can develop a strong, personal bond with, or
  • A stranger that has their attention on possibly dozens of other clients

The chances are higher that they receive quality attention, but it also maintains their sense of independence. Additionally, we can assure you that the chances are high that your senior loved one would much rather be in their own home. In many cases, this is the last form of independence and sense of self they have left.

Taking it could prove to be detrimental to their mental health situation.

Instead of thinking of in-home care as a cheap, lower-quality alternative for residential facilities, think of it as a way to help your loved ones enjoy their personal space for as long as possible.

Think of the Benefits

In-home care also has several benefits that assisted living communities don’t have:

  • One-on-one care
  • Maintaining their ability to drive
  • Remaining close to neighbors
  • Keeping their usual physicians and other medical professionals

Being placed in an assisted living facility doesn’t feel good, regardless of how drastic an individuals’ health situation may be. Nobody wants to lose their home. Use in-home care as an extension of your loved one’s independence and keep them happier, longer.